It stops us in our tracks, has us daydreaming and keeps us up at night.

What is the most important thing we want out of life?

One might say love, money, a family, to live righteously, to land our dream job or to live in a mansion atop a hill. Sounds pretty standard right?

Or maybe it doesn’t…

For some folks, this is more than a tough question. It’s more than being able to answer the infamous, “what do you want out of life?” It’s a life journey. It stops us in our tracks, has us daydreaming and keeps us up at night.

It’s the feeling of knowing something greater is out there. It’s the feeling of knowing that if we don’t wander around this precious earth that has been put under our feet by the Man upstairs, that we’ll be missing out. Or what about the feeling of KNOWING that there is so much more meaning in each one of us than sitting behind a computer, working for someone else and paying bills. Not to mention experience is what makes us grow as a person and what opens our beautiful eyes.

What is it that we truly want then? Is it to discover as many places as our feet will take us? Is it meeting people from across the globe and sharing in moments with them? Is it photographing memories that can never be recreated? Maybe it’s as simple as spending time with the ones we love most. Or perhaps, spending time with ourself – learning ourselves so that we’re able to learn more about others – knowing that our story is not completely written unless we live our life to its fullest potential and spread all we have to offer. After all, we are the wanderers, the roaming gypsy spirits, we are meant to seek new adventures.

The way I see it, we have all the resources in the world at our fingertips. Instead of conforming to someone else’s way of living, we must create our own path. We aren’t supposed to follow in someone elses’ footprints. We should create our own path in the sand. When we look back, we’ll appreciate what we have designed for ourselves.

Experience as much as you possibly can, learn yourself along the way and do what TRULY makes YOU happy. Be selfish when it comes to your soul. Everything else can wait.

Much love,

The Gypsea

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