For those of you who know me, you know I love to travel and have a good time. It’s what I’ve always been about. My motto has been: “If it’s not fun, count me out!” However, here recently I have noticed that all of these “fun” things aren’t so fun anymore. This may be temporary. However, I know it stands true for this moment in time.

This morning, I thought a lot about the way I was feeling. I was worried for myself because if “fun” isn’t fun anymore, WHAT IS? This rattled my brain for quite some time. As I was sitting in the Dunkin Donuts drive-thru, waiting for my extremely large, vanilla ice coffee, I prayed continuously… asking Him why I felt this way and what it meant. I asked if I was losing my mind and once again, the Lord answered me through music.

A song came through on Spotify that I instantly fell in love with. Needless to say, I jammed out profusely – listening to this song several times in a row. I then looked up the lyrics only to find the artist very bluntly worshipping the devil. Saying things like, “lucifer, where are you, come find me, I need your help…etc”. I couldn’t truly enjoy the song knowing what it was about so I skipped to the next. This song wasn’t great at first but the title intrigued me to research its meaning.

The title was a sequence of zeros. Never have I seen a song with a similar title so I googled it only to find that a sequence of zeroes is an angel’s number. It marks the beginning of a spiritual journey; a reminder that you are one with God. It also means that you feel your creator’s presence and that your certain situation has come full circle.

Not very often do I look up lyrics to a song I barely know or search the meaning of its title.

God, once again, heard my agony and answered instantly. This is the analogy I got:

The devil disguises himself in glamorous things to stray us from the Lord’s plan. The devil wants us to follow him and will lure us in anyway he can. Sometimes these are fun, mindless things that aren’t necessarily bad or negative activities. It’s anything that takes up our time so that we are not focused on our calling. This being – our purpose here on Earth; what God expects of us.

Just as the first song sounded beautiful to my ears, I soon found that it wasn’t worth listening to because of what it meant. Just as things in life present themselves as FUN and EXCITING for us – they can turn out to be not worth our precious time because they lead us away from what our Creator wants from us.

Sometimes the true, beautiful song that our soul needs is also in disguise which means we should allow our minds to be receptive of all the possibilities in this world so that we don’t miss anything.

Thanks for taking your time to be with me today.

P.S. the ‘devil song’ came on in Starbucks while I was writing this.

Much love,

The Gypsea

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