To understand that all things here on Earth intertwine and are hyperconnected is to better understand ourselves emotionally and physically. Our mind, body and spirit are inseparable. We like to think of health as nutrition and exercise but it is much more complex than that.

To say our thoughts create our reality is true but entirely vague and unfair to say if we don’t proceed to explain why. To many of us, this surfaced idea makes sense but it is just that – surfaced. To really indulge ourself in this notion can be a bit overwhelming at first but it’s a beautiful shell to crack open.

Our body is a temple and should be treated as royalty. Contrary to popular belief, treating our bodies in the way they deserve does not present itself solely through our physicality but emotionally and spiritually as well. Exercising, a whole-food plant-based diet, an adequate amount of sleep and meditation is not just beneficial but necessary. There are a few other factors deemed as necessary that many of us are missing out on.

Yoga is vital in connecting mind, body and spirit. Yoga brings the spirituality from our inner-thoughts and contours our physical body into fashion so that our thoughts become balanced – our spirituality and physical body become one. When this happens we are able to grow and nurture ourself. We are able to respond to our body’s needs and wants. Re-connecting our inner-voice and our earth suit is naturally healing. On the other hand, once our inner-self becomes detached from that of our physicality, we grow away from our soul identity and wholeness. Thus becoming unbalanced.

By repeating the same mantra to ourselves daily, whether it be, “I am present”, “I am a beautiful being” or “I am happy”, positively reinforces emotion and impacts our general well-being. We do not repeat these mantras to fill our ego. We should view ourselves in a positive and happy light. If we view ourselves this way, we will radiate the same light onto others. We will be able to emit our truest self once we first find it within.

If we listen to our body, mind and soul and bring them together as one, we can solve many of our health issues. We have the power to bring any thought into reality. The power resides within us. All we have to do is bring this power of ours to light and awaken our abundant potential. The mind, body and spirit when used correctly is powerful and mustn’t go to waste. When we are spiritually aware of our existence and display wholeness, (evident in our daily lives), our Maker smiles.

Holistic healing is a concept to apply. We should open our mind to variety. Different methods of healing include music, smell, thoughts, grounding, nutrition, optimism and nature – just to name a few. Anything that relates to the five senses and has a positive impact, falls in the realms of natural healing – it’s whatever you make it. The possibilities are endless and the answer resides within.

Much Love,

The Gypsea

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