You showed me a world I never knew existed, and for that – I thank you. 

The love I experienced couldn’t have been more real. The most pure, the most raw sensation – love. More present in my heart than I ever thought to be possible. I didn’t know I was able to feel so deeply for someone.

When reminded, I can’t resist the flooding tears. I can’t interrupt the truest of feelings from being present, but I don’t want to. They are memories of a once-had, beautiful blessing. Once the track stops playing in my head and the reminiscing interrupted, I come to the same conclusion every time: I won’t allow myself to be anything but thankful – thankful that I was able to experience such a powerful energy – a connection with another human being that I’m unable to express into words, no matter how hard I try.

Some people spend their entire lives in search of their soulmate or in search of true love. To say that I was able to experience such emotion, even if only for a short amount of time, is beautiful. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

You taught me more about myself than I could have imagined. You showed me the deepest of feelings. You changed my world.

Your silhouette is burned in my memory and you will always have a special place in my heart. I am happy and truly blessed to have known you and to have learned so much from you.

The Lord tells us that in some situations, He doesn’t change our situation because he wants the situation to change us. He wants us to learn from our mistakes so that we are able to receive what is truly meant for us in years to come.

You showed me a world I never knew existed, and for that – I thank you.

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Much love,

The Gypsea

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