Are we coming together, through tragedy?

Coming together during tough times is what keeps spirits alive during the face of tragedy.

I not only am doubtful of coincidences, I also believe that our country has been headed down a path that seemed to be irreparable. We have let politics and disparity take over. Instead of finding similarities in each other and loving one another, we have been harping on how mismatched we are as individuals and have created isolation amongst one another. Why, you ask? I wish I knew.

These hurricanes, Harvey and Irma are devastating forces. They are catastrophic – emotionally and physically. Thousands of people have lost their homes – their livelihood. When natural disasters decide to sweep over our homeland, there is not much we can do but pray, prepare and keep our faith strong through God. We can’t control the outcome of these storms but when they decide to make an appearance, guess what happens to our country and our people, (other than the obvious)? We stand together, we fight together and we pray together. Just about everyone is willing to give a helping hand and do whatever is necessary. You hear about people risking their lives to save others. People are taking days off from work, traveling to unfamiliar destinations and helping mere strangers. But for some reason during these times, they don’t feel like strangers do they? They feel like family.

All of our differences are thrown aside and forgotten about when human lives are in danger. Is that what it takes? Are we not able to come together without something disastrous happening? When God looks down on us and sees us truculent with one another, it hurts Him. It hurts Him to know that from all the beauty He has created for us, we as humans push it aside and choose instead to find controversy. He created us to love one another throughout all of the days, not just during a catastrophic event.

Our country was headed to a dark place – fast. Are these disastrous events bringing us back together?

During these troubled times, many of us forget about what happened in Charlottesville, forget about who our president is, forget about politics and forget about the diversion taking place on our soil. Perhaps temporarily but I pray for it to be permanent. I pray that as a nation we can move forward together, towards a more unified life. Keeping the same principles we have during an event such as these hurricanes should be carried over into our everyday lives. We are good people at heart. We care for others and do not want anyone to suffer or feel tribulation. If we could come together, lock arms and stand strong all of the time, instead of fighting one another, I bet we could become united in a way we’ve never experienced. Let’s change the world together.

Much Love,

The Gypsea

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