you feel it on your skin, your lips, in your hair and with each i n h a l e. There is nothing more beautiful.

It’s the sight of an early morning sunrise reflecting off each wave as it undulates over the time shaped sand. It’s the mist that evaporates off the tips of each peaked whitecap as it rolls closer to shore. It’s the smell of salt deluging all senses.

You stare out onto the horizon with nothing in sight but perpetual waves, sun-rays reflecting off the calm, glass-like ocean, the occasional seagull and surfers off in the distance awaiting the perfect ride. Your mind begins to wander and you find yourself daydreaming of worlds far away. “Who else is out there? What has been discovered by simply staring out into the blue? What secrets does this water hold?”

The possibilities are endless and the ocean is our canvas. The saltiness never ends and will always welcome us home. No matter how many times we leave, the ocean will be here to welcome us home.

Much Love,

The Gypsea

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