Seek God, always – in times of happiness and trouble.

How do we make choices?

How do we choose right from wrong?

What’s considered greedy?

At what point do we make decisions on our own?

Do we listen to our heart or our head?

Should we seek life experiences and our “best judgment” for answers?

Should we consult others and ask their opinion?

Perhaps we seek a blog discussion from people who aren’t biased towards us and the lives we choose to live.

But when it really comes down to a tough decision… who do we turn to?

Should we turn to someone or solely rely on ourselves?

Are we always able to see right from wrong?

Is there such thing as best judgment?

God wants us to turn to Him, in the smallest of decisions. Ultimately it’s Him who decides anyway! So why wouldn’t we turn to Him – the guy who knows and sees everything. He will never lead us astray. Confiding in Him will show us perspectives we wouldn’t be able to see on our own.

God is waiting on us all to confide in Him. He wants to help. He wants us to trust Him and have faith that He will get us through any life event – big or small. He’s waiting, will we seek Him?

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