My Blueberry Bowl

Hello beautiful people! You’re gonna thank me for this one.. 😏

The reason I initially decided to make a ‘Blueberry Bowl’ was because it’s much cheaper than buying an Acai Bowl out at a cafe.

I didn’t realize my perceived Acai Bowl does not contain acai until someone mentioned it…. but 🧐 Anyway, once I began to make them more regularly, I realized they are the healthier option because many Acai Bowls contain added sugar.

AND *side note* I don’t think I’ve ever seen fresh Acai anywhere.

Blueberries are easily accessible and can most often times be found fresh. So, here it is.

What you’ll need:


Coconut Milk (Almond, Hemp, Oat etc. is also fine to use)


Peanut Butter



Sesame Honey Cashews** (you’re welcome👏🏽)

First, slice ~5 strawberries, one banana and have the Sesame Honey Cashews readily available. The cashews can be found at Trader Joes and they are SO. GOOD. They can also be substituted out for any type of seed or oats. Whatever you prefer 🙂  You can play around with the toppings – a lot of people prefer coconut shavings.

In your blender, add a cup of blueberries, three tablespoons of peanut butter, 1/4 cup coconut milk and a handful of ice. This can be tweaked a bit depending on how much peanut butter you desire. I obviously LOVE the peanut butter flavor. Blend this up and pour it in a bowl. Once poured, add all of your toppings and it’s ready!  YAYY! Enjoy friends 🥰😍

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