Would we continue doing what’s right if we knew we’d never get what we wanted?

Sometimes we act out of God’s will for us. What this means is that we are operating outside of His plan. We can quickly understand this is happening because whatever we are attempting, doesn’t work or doesn’t last.

The problem here is that we can persuade ourselves that it was never meant for us – but more likely than not, we were simply acting out too soon.

We don’t like to wait on God. When we have a flame of passion burning inside of us, we want it to manifest now, not later. It also seems that if we are willing to wait on God, we complain throughout the entire waiting process while questioning our very existence! Oh yeah, and we’ve also managed to convince ourselves that we’re patient little sunflowers. The human mind is interesting, ay?

Why do we do this? Do we think we know better than God? Do we think His timing is off? Perhaps we’ve told ourselves that our desires don’t align with His anymore and that we should move forward anyway. However, if our desires agree with The word, God is the one who placed them on our heart to begin with.

We certainly shouldn’t wait for something miraculous to fall into our lap. We also shouldn’t assume that our dream will manifest without us putting in the work. There’s a fine line between waiting on God and not being diligent. He does His part while we’re doing ours. We mustn’t sit idle or become stagnant. We must always be growing and evolving. Maybe our dream hasn’t come to fruition because there are areas of our life that still need improvement. Or maybe our current situation hasn’t changed because the situation is meant to change us. There’s a million possibilities but we should focus on His word and our relationship with Him; getting to know Him more everyday is a beautiful place to be.

Would we continue doing what’s right if we knew we’d never get what we wanted? That’s a tough question to ask ourselves. It’s not a fun place to park but it is something we should contemplate. We need to understand our intentions – they should be pure and just.

Do we do what’s right solely because we think God will reward us? I recently discovered this about myself while fasting. I have been striving for perfection so that in return, I would (hopefully) receive my blessings, haha! Life might work that way but God certainly does not. We are not judged by good deeds alone. We should do what’s right out of our love for God and to demonstrate a gracious heart. We should want to please Him and make a difference in this world. He has done so much for us.

Let’s not lose hope in times we need it most. He is always testing us. Let us live by faith, not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7

Much love,

The Gypsea Soul

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