Following His Commands Become a Desire of the Heart

Oftentimes people say to me that doing life with God seems to be the most difficult route to take. There are too many rules and regulations; why inconvenience ourselves in a world already full of trouble?

During some of my darkest hours I may ask myself the same thing. Ignorance is bliss right? Striving to be simplistic and to live a carefree life must be the key to happiness.

However, this viewpoint is extremely simplistic in itself. It’s neglecting the fact that God has already done so much for us. He has given us a beautiful life! He allowed His son to die on the cross for OUR sake! [[side note: Jesus’s life served as a beautiful representation of how we should live.]] God has also given us The Word. He has quite literally equipped us with everything we need to live a joyous, prosperous life.

When we decide to get baptized, we are opening our hearts to Jesus. We are allowing the Holy Spirit to reside within us. This means that everything God is, we have access to – He lives in us. The key then, is in harnessing His characteristics to become the best version of ourselves, in order to better serve His kingdom. When we get baptized we are also agreeing to leave our “old self” behind and are choosing to become a new man in Christ; welcoming righteousness into our lives.

When we begin a relationship with our Creator, our mindset changes. Suddenly we want to become better versions of ourselves, we want to serve others and we want to please God. We don’t think of our self-growth as abiding by a set of rules. Our journey truly blossoms into something beautiful and unexpected. We’re forever learning and becoming Christlike and along the way, we want to attract others to do the same!

The way I see it, submitting ourselves and our lives to God is the least we can do. I want to please Him and I want my life to honor Him. It’s not a matter of forgoing things I enjoy to be this spiritual being simply because I think it’s what’s right. Once you get to know Him, everything changes. Following His commands become a desire of the heart.

“Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord and shun evil.” Proverbs 3:7

“One who is wise is cautious and turns away from evil, but a fool is reckless and careless.” Proverbs 14:16

“Doing wrong is a joke to a fool, but wisdom is pleasure to a man of understanding.” Proverbs 10:23

Much Love,

The Gypsea Soul

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