Along The Way…

Wrightsville has always been a source of inspiration for me. When I’m here, I’m in my element. I feel free and able to explore the unknown. I’m able to consider the curiosities that live in my mind and give them substance. I find expression becomes more fluid and I’m able to authentically express ideas and shed light on my deepest desires… simply by being here. It’s quite extraordinary.

Much of Coalesce has been inspired by this coastal town. My logo is similar to that of Longwave Yoga and a few of my drinks are influenced by Drift. The letter A in Longwave is a triangle just as it is in Coalesce. I believe it represents the fire element for them but for me it represents the trinity. Longwave is dear to my heart. That is where I intrinsically explored myself and ultimately found God, as ironic as that may sound. Much of my heart still dwells in these places. When I go back it’s as if I never left; it’ll always be considered home.

Wrightsville is where my family gathered when I was young. My grandparents had a beach house on the island. We’d enjoy an extended trip every year and spend time with my family who lives down here plus a few others who would make the trip from other parts of NC. It was always the most memorable week of the summer. Wings (which is now called something else, *insert eye-roll*), was the first business that made me want to become an entrepreneur. I can’t tell you what I was feeling or thinking at the age of nine but I can tell you for certain that I knew I would be a business owner. So you see, it all began in this little beach town. Although it’s not so little anymore.

I told myself I would move to Wilmington after I graduated college and I did, on two separate occasions. However, I was not able to make it work financially. God didn’t want me here and He made that abundantly clear. I have (just about) gotten every job I have ever interviewed for and I must have interviewed for 30 positions down here. When God closes a door, there is no chance you’re getting that baby open. So I spent all of my time practicing yoga, hanging out at coffee shops, drafting my vision for Coalesce, wandering the beach and exploring bookstores. I became an avid reader with so much time on my hands.

Coalesce actually started with the idea of being a clothing line which quickly shifted to beach towels. The spelling of the word Coalesce was different, as was my logo. I was working hard to create a clothing line for women’s workout apparel. I had a manufacturer in Brookland, NY whom I visited quite often and once I spent too much money to mention, I realized it was not going to work and started making beach towels. I sold quite a few and I must say, they were pretty cool. They were made with waterproof pockets and came with stakes to hold them to the ground. I still have all of the sports bra prototypes I designed as well. If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that God’s will will triumph over ours every time. It’s much more pleasant when our desires align with His but sometimes we must step out and test the waters, which truly is a beautiful process. God sometimes wants us to step out into the unknown for Him. 

I don’t think I was ever afraid of failing. I was only deeply afraid to not uncover what I was called to do. So I was willing to do whatever it took. Maybe if I had’ve waited patiently, I wouldn’t have gone through all of those trials, but that doesn’t jive with my personality friends. It took me many attempts before I had a solid business idea which could sustain me financially. I tried yoga, photography, a clothing line, beach towels – you name it, I tried it. I almost opened a yoga studio / coffee shop in 2019. Thankfully God closed that door as well. My business plan was somewhat written four years before Coalesce Coffee Co. ever got off the ground in 2022. It’s funny how God works. His mysteriousness is one of my favorite attributes.

To conclude I’ll say that when I want something, I make it happen – one way or another. I never give up on my dreams and for that, I am proud of myself. Thank you Wrightsville Beach for inspiring a young girl to stay true to herself and to never lose sight of what’s important.

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